My Lip Filler Experience with DLK on Avenue

My Lip Filler Experience with DLK on Avenue

A few months ago I had my first experience with dermal fillers. I had my under eyes done by the incredibly talented team over at DLK on Avenue in Toronto and wrote a whole blog post about it. Since then I’ve had a bunch of people message me about my experience – asking for pricing, reviews, and specific questions about my recovery.

I knew right after getting my under eyes done that I would be going back to DLK for more – but for what, I wasn’t 100% sure. That was until I heard about Kati, their in-house lip filler specialist.

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My Under Eye (Tear Trough) Filler Experience

I’ve always hated my dark under eye circles. For me, it’s hereditary, so no matter how much sleep I get, I’ll still have them. That’s why I was determined to find a treatment that would help reduce their appearance, and keep me looking fresh as I continue to age.

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