Review: Amika Sexture Beach Look Shampoo

I’m typically not very picky about what hair products I use – especially when it comes to shampoo. In fact, Head and Shoulders is still a classic go-to for me. But the recent Sephora VIB sale had me wanted to splurge so I decided to try out the Amika Sexure Beach Look shampoo

This shampoo had some mixed reviews – some people said it was too drying, while others said it didn’t feel like it cleaned their hair. I have oily roots but damaged ends from processing so I figured why not give it a go. 

The shampoo is really unique in that it recommends that you don’t use it with conditioner. It’s a “moisturizing texture shampoo” and while I love the thought of cutting out an extra step from washing my hair, it did feel weird the first few times I used it. 

The texture of the shampoo is fairly liquidy so you have to be careful not to use too much and it also doesn’t foam up like most shampoos. I wouldn’t say that it feels as luxurious as I wanted washing my hair to feel, but I think the results are worth it. 

The Sexture Beach Look shampoo uses three key ingredients to give you a clean, while textured mane. Zeolite, which adds volume and texture, Kaolin Clay that absorbs oils and Rice Starches to add that extra bit of volume. 

The effect is lasting grit, without compromising on clean. Think dry shampoo without adding that extra step. 

I think this shampoo is a bit of a toss up for me. Do I like the result? Yes. Is the process and price worth it? No. I would give this a B, and stick to my Head and Shoulders thank you very much. 

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