Review: Tom Ford Extreme Eye Bad Ass Mascara

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately! I just got home from a trip to Montreal. But don’t worry, I managed to get some work done… I put the new Tom Ford Extreme Eye Bad Ass Mascara to the test, and there was no better place to try it out than balling my eyes out watching my beautiful big sister get married.

I’ve actually been testing out this mascara for a few weeks now, and almost immediately knew that I liked it. No, it doesn’t give me the soft fluffy eyelash effect that I love (I feel like that’s getting harder and harder to find), but it did create some extreme, long lasting, volume. 

By no means is this a waterproof mascara. In fact, I don’t actually like waterproof mascaras – I can’t stand taking them off. But this does claim to be smudge proof and long wearing. It’s like getting the best of both worlds – the longevity of waterproof, but the ease of removal that goes along with regular mascara. I was pleasantly surprised that it managed to hold up through all of the happy tears at the wedding!

It does have a plastic bristle wand, which is worth noting for those that prefer softer brushes, but the packaging is sleek, sophisticated and feels expensive in your hand. 

This mascara is exorbitantly priced ($57 CAD), so I probably won’t be purchasing it again, but for special occasions it definitely did the trick. It gave me long, thick, jet black lashes that didn’t clump or budge. Pretty much everything I was looking for – That’s an A for you Tom Ford

What new mascaras have you been loving lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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