Review: VDL Perfect-Lasting Foundation & More

Korean beauty is known for being innovative, and the VDL brand is no exception. So when Influenster said they were going to be sending me a complimentary bottle of the new Perfect-Lasting Foundation, I had high expectations. I also didn’t expect to get a whole variety of products to review, but that’s Influenster for you.

I had definitely heard of VDL before receiving the package – a friend of mine actually gave me a sample of their Lumilayer Primer, but I never ended up using it because the packaging didn’t come with a pump and it was pretty much impossible to get out.

The VDL brand is probably best known for their Lumilayer Primer, which I was lucky enough to receive a full size of to review, along with the Lumilayer Primer Fresh, the Perfect-Lasting Foundation, the Expert Radiance Fix Mist, Creamy Stick Jelly in Alice, the Expert Color Lip Cube Fluid Velvet in 103 Make Me Lodge, the Expert Deepmatt Liquid Liner and three of their Expert Color Eye Book Mono‘s in 902 Sharkskin, 222 Cherrywood and 202 Organza.

I can certainly see why the Lumilayer Primer and Primer Fresh are such popular items. They both create the most subtle illumination to the skin. My favourite way to apply them is by mixing them directly in with the foundation. While the original Lumilayer has a white base, the Primer Fresh has more of a rose tone. I like to interchange between the two, depending on what foundation I’m mixing them with. The original white version is lovely to add with a foundation thats slightly too dark for me, because it seems to lighten it just a hair. Both of these primers do have a slight glitter to them, so if you hate the look of a subtle sparkle to the skin, you might want to pass on these.

One other thing to note about the primers, and well, every product from the line – they are heavily fragranced. So if you have sensitivities, you’ve been warned.

The Perfect-Lasting Foundation is what I would call a medium to full coverage foundation, and while that’s not typically what I would go for I am impressed that it tends to last through most of the day. I have the shade A02, which is a little bit light for my skin tone, but if I add some bronzer you can barely notice. The foundation is a fairly thin liquid and I do notice that it can sometimes cling to dry patches on the face. After a full day of wear I will also sometimes notice it breaking up around the centre of my face, where I get a bit more oily.

Keeping with the theme of face products, the Expert Radiance Face Mist is up next. Again I’ll bring up the fragrance here, because this can sometimes feel like you’re spraying perfume right on your face. It also leaves a slight tacky feeling to the skin, which may be a turn off for some, but I tend to like it because it makes it feel like my makeup is going to stay in place.

The Creamy Stick Jelly is probably the most unique produce I’ve tried from the brand. It has a very strange, almost oily texture, despite coming in stick form. Don’t be frightened by the colour Alice, while it looks like a vibrant purple-pink, it’s actually very subtle once applied. I personally like to rub the stick between two fingers and then pat on to my cheeks. One thing to note, this product tends to move around whatever is underneath, so it’s likely better suited for those ‘no-makeup makeup’ days.

The Expert Color Lip Cube Fluid Velvet in 103 Make Me Lodge is a brick orange-red colour, and leaves a thin velvet finish to the lips. Neither this colour nor texture was really for me. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now you know that I prefer balmy or glossy lipsticks in a more cool or neutral-toned pink/berry shade. This liquid lip dries down more matte, but the applicator is lovely and precise and the formula gives an almost stain-like appearance to the lip.

The Expert Deepmatt Liquid Liner is pretty standard for a liquid liner. It has a felt tip and the nib is very precise. Like the name implies, you can expect a deep, matte look from this liner, and while I haven’t noticed much smudging for flaking I do get a little bit of bleed when I first apply it, so be careful about that.

Finally we have the Expert Color Eye Book Mono’s – these might be my favourite products that I’ve tried (along with the primers), in particular the shade Organza. Organza is a beautiful shimmery champaign colour. And while the texture is more of a pressed pigment, the way it looks on the lid kind of reminds me of one of my favourite pot shadows from Dior – the Diorshow Fusion Mono‘s (I love the shade Chimére). Organza gives the most stunning etherial shimmer to the lids, whereas Sharkskin is slightly darker and has more of a subtle shimmer. Sharkskin is actually the perfect name for it, because it looks like the colour of a shark glistening in the water. Cherrywood is a little too red and dark for my taste, but would be a beautiful layering piece to a smokey eye.

Overall the VDL packaging is all really simple and beautiful. I can appreciate the luxe weight of each item and I’m thrilled that the full-size primers come with pumps. While not all of these products were a hit for me, the brand has certainly peaked my interested. They have a flagship store here in Toronto which I’ll definitely be needing to check out in the future.

Have you tried anything from VDL? What are some of your favourites? Let me know in the comments below!

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