Review: Buxom Wanderlust Primer Infused Blushes

I haven’t tried much from Buxom, but they recently released their new Wanderlust Primer Infused Blushes and I was so taken by them that I had to pick up two.

You heard my right, I picked up TWO of these blushes. First, the colour Seychelles which is a natural looking bronze, then Dolly (which is much more typical for me), an absolute mauve. 

The formula of these powders are extraordinarily pigmented. I mean that, a little goes a long way. A word of warning – the blush may initially appear powdery when you dip your brush into it. I definitely recommend tapping off some product before applying any to the face, otherwise you may end up looking like a clown. 

They’re also a “luminous” blush – not sparkly or shimmery – but a natural healthy glow. The formula blends seamlessly into the skin and the pearl-like finish makes you look fresh-faced. 

But its main claim to fame is the blushes 12-hour wear primer infused with hyaluronic acid. I’ve worn the blush for the last couple of weeks and it’s held up beautifully every time. I’m happy to say that this may now be my new HG. Dolly is the perfect every-day shade for me, but Seychelles is going to make a beautiful base for the summer. 

A++ Buxom, you’ve blown me away. Moral of today’s story is DO. NOT. SLEEP. ON. THESE. BLUSHES. 

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