New from Nars

Nars is notorious for their new releases, and their latest drop is no exception. I picked up a few new items from the brand and put them to the test.

First up is their brand new Climax Mascara. It’s no secret that I love testing out mascaras. In fact, I feel like the last few months have been dedicated to finding a replacement to my holy grail, the now discontinued original Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes. I’ve come across a few contenders, but when I heard some comparisons to Climax I knew I would need to try it for myself.

This mascara is a bristle wand (my personal favourite) with a creamy, satin black formula. It’s focus is really on volume, but it also claims to lift without clumping or smudging. I think this mascara comes pretty close to the CT one. It leaves my lashes feeling soft and fluttery while still giving them a dramatic voluminous look. I’ve heard some people say that Climax smudges on them, but I haven’t had that experience myself.

I also picked up one of the Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Bases. Now I know what you’re thinking – Pro-Prime isn’t a new product. And you’re right. The original Pro-Prime is my number one eyeshadow primer. But Nars just brought out new pigmented versions of the old favourite. This is perfect if you suffer from red or blue eyelids and want to conceal while keeping your eyeshadow in place.

I grabbed the shade Medium – for some reason in Canada Pro-Prime is only available in Original (white), Medium and Dark. I’ve seen on the Nars website that they carry other shades, and I think I would probably be more suited to a Light, but the Medium does the trick for now. After all, it’s the same great formula I’ve come to love.

Nars also released a number of eyeshadow singles (some shades brand new, others re-releases of their best sellers). Believe it or not, but I’ve never actually tried any Nars eyeshadow before. Truth be told, I could just never really get in to their duos, but now that I could choose my own shade (and yes you can build your own palettes) I decided to finally invest.

I picked up the shade Kashmir, which is described as a metallic champaign beige. The shadow has a great amount of pigment that adds the perfect sheen to any eye look. When used wet, you can even get a sort-of glossy lid look. I personally like this colour in the centre of the lid and even on my inner corner.

The formula itself is super creamy and not at all glittery, which makes it great for wearing day or night.

Out of all three new releases, the Mascara is definitely my favourite. I think when it comes to Pro-Prime I would have loved a lighter shade, and while the shadow is a beautiful treat, it’s not necessarily something that I wear every single day. Either way, I’m very pleased with everything I’ve tried from the brand, and can’t wait to see what they release next (I’ve seen some pretty epic palettes as part of their upcoming holiday collection). A+ Nars!

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