Review: IGK No More Blow

I went back and forth quite a bit before deciding whether or not to review IGK’s No More Blow. I’m not usually the kind of person that falls for gimmicky products. But this one truly had me intrigued so I had to put it to the test.

What is No More Blow you ask? It’s a spray-in hair product that’s meant to cut down air-drying time in half, while protecting against damage. There’s not much I hate more than blow drying my hair, so the prospect of cutting that out of my routine was really exciting. According to Sephora, the product is supposed to dry your hair up to 46% faster.

The product, which comes in an aerosol can, is meant to be sprayed in to sections of your hair from root to tip. The formula itself is really cold and smells of chemicals so don’t expect some sort of luxurious mist – it’s meant to get down to business I suppose.

It totally makes sense to me that wet hair is vulnerable hair. Think about your nails – when they get wet they feel soft and weak. Well the same thing happens with your hair. And the less time spent under heat or air drying the stronger and healthier the mane.

With all that said, and with pretty hefty claims made, does the product actually work? I’ve seen mixed reviews. Some people with thin, fine hair claim that it does in fact reduce drying time to about 50% (for example if it usually takes hair 2 hours to air dry, it’s now dry in 1). For me though, I can’t say that I saw much of a difference, Perhaps it helped dry my hair slightly faster, but for the $35CAD price tag, I’m expecting 50% faster.

On top of the fact that it didn’t particularly dry my hair, I also went through almost half of the bottle in just a weeks time. I can’t imagine this will last long for people with extremely long locks. I also noticed that my scalp had a sort of residue left on it after using it consecutively. I’m not sure exactly what that was from, but I wasn’t willing to keep trying to find out.

For me, this one is a fail. But I’ve heard a lot of great things about other IGK products so I’m not giving up on this brand yet. Let me know what your recommendations are and if you have any tips on how to air dry your hair faster.

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