Battle of the Mascaras: Milk KUSH vs IT Superhero

I had a lot of great feedback from my other battle of the brows blog post, so I thought I would do another. This time between two much hyped about mascara’s that I’ve been putting to the test lately. This round we have the brand new Milk Makeup KUSH mascara vs. a Superhero by both name and reputation, IT Superhero Mascara.

I purchased both in travel size because I already have two other full sized mascaras on the go and my lashes can only take so much. Both are around the same price point – Milk coming in at $29 and IT at $32 for the full size – pretty much what you would expect from a non-drugstore mascara.

Packaging wise, Milk’s KUSH mascara is a clear winner. A solid metal tube gives you the weight that you expect from a high-end mascara, and honestly the packaging is probably my biggest gripe with the IT mascara. First I’m not sure why they chose the shape they did, but it does the product no favours. Not to mention I’ve heard lots of complaints about the product getting all over the outside of the tube making it hard to close (though it’s not something I’ve experienced yet).

Both brushes are made from bristles, but the KUSH mascara is significantly larger than Superhero. Both separate your lashes while adding length and volume.

It’s really when it comes to the formula that these two mascara’s hugely differ. The KUSH mascara is a much more natural, fluttery mascaara. The cannabis oil keeps your lashes soft and conditioned, while the heart-shaped fibers kick the volume up a notch. This really reminds me a lot of the original Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara that I loved so much. For me, this is the perfect every-day mascara. One word of warning though, I have noticed some flaking with this mascara. I think it has a lot to do with the oils in the mascara, but if you’re worried about transfer, this might not be the best product for you.

Like the KUSH mascara, IT’s Superhero doesn’t skimp when it comes to volume. The brand uses something called Elastic Stretch Technology which is meant to stretch the look of your lashes, and while that might sound gimmicky, I think it’s the combination of polymers, collagen, and biotin that really make an impact.

I’m pretty picky about mascaras, but in this case I really like them both. I think I would keep the Milk KUSH mascara for an every day look and save IT’s Superhero for more special occasions (perhaps even my wedding)! Have you tried either of these mascaras? Which one was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

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