Bite Lip Lab Bachelorette feat. My Wedding Day Lipstick

So my wedding is just around the corner (I KNOW! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!) and everything is slowly falling in to place. But one thing I still haven’t locked down is my wedding day makeup. Ironic since I’m a beauty blogger… That is, except for my lipstick. My amazing sister helped put together the most unreal bachelorette day ever, which so fittingly included creating custom lipsticks at the Bite Lip Lab here in Toronto! So here’s one thing I can check off my wedding list…

My bachelorette began with a lovely brunch with a group of my closest family and friends, but the main event was definitely visiting the Bite Lip Lab on Queen St. West. If you haven’t heard of the Lip Lab, it’s a stand alone shop from Canadian brand Bite Beauty (the creators of everyones favourite amuse bouche), where customers can make their very own personalized lipsticks.

When we arrived in store we were greeted by Bite’s lip lab artists who guided us to seats at the lab bar. We were offered water or wine and quickly got to work. There are three main steps to creating your custom lipstick. First you choose your formula. There are three options – their classic creamy amuse bouche, a matte, or a sheer glossier formula. If you know me at all, you know I choose the glossy sheer option.

Next up you get to choose your colour – this is really the fun part. You speak to the lip lab artist and let them know what you’re looking for. A pink? Something to enhance your natural lip colour? I bold red? I went for a brighter, pinkier version of my natural lip colour – I want to look like myself on my wedding day, but fresher. I actually brought along another lipstick that I love (Bobbi Brown creamy lip colour in Pale Petal) so that I could try to create a dupe.

The lip lab artist mixed up a couple of different formulas – each I would get to try and give feedback, until we found the perfect colour. Once the colour was locked you then get to choose what kind of scent you want your lipstick to be – a truly custom lipstick. There’s everything from vanilla to mint, citrus to cherry. I choose violet, which is a beautiful classic scent. My grandma, who even made her own lipstick to wear to the wedding, opted for no scent (she’s sensitive to smells) so that’s a great option too!

Once you choose all the details, its time to sit back and relax while the artist does all the work. They mix together the final formula and pour it in to a bullet mould. Once it’s filled, they place it on a cooling tray to help solidify the lipstick. After a few minutes, once the lipstick is hard, they open the mould and press the bullet into their packaging (which is extra cute because it’s adorned with little lips). And Voila! You’ve got your custom lipstick. It’s such an interesting process to watch and if you’ve never seen a lipstick made before it’s worth it!

The whole process costs $55 for one lipstick ($80 for two), and you can create a booking for up to 7 people. Honestly, I might be biased, but I think this is a fabulous way to spend a bachelorette. It’s such a unique experience and something that you will remember forever. Not to mention you leave with literally the perfect lipstick for your wedding day! I can’t recommend this experience enough. Bite also has Lip Labs in New York and San Francisco – so if you ever have the opportunity to check one out, definitely give it a go!

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