Review: Almay Long Lasting Brow Color

Alright, so I blame Tati for this one. I saw her test out the new Almay Long Lasting Brow Colour on her channel a few weeks ago to surprisingly good results and I thought ‘hey if it worked for her, maybe it will work for me to’… I couldn’t have been more wrong.

First, I love the Almay brand mainly because it’s one of the few hypoallergenic, demagogically tested drugstore lines out there. The Long Lasting Brow Colour is kind of like a Wunderbrow dupe – the idea is that you paint on a thick layer to where you would usually fill in your brows, let it sit on for 30 minutes, then peel it off to reveal a tint that is supposed to last longer than a regular brow colour.

IMG_0156_Facetune_18-02-2018-13-05-47Here’s a beautiful picture of me while I wait for the brow colour to set. 

The application itself it pretty straight forward. The brush is thin enough to apply precisely, but if you do go outside the lines, so to speak, it can easily be wiped off. I’m not sure how long exactly the tint is supposed to last, but even having to apply this for 30 minutes, multiple times a week, is pretty annoying. I know it’s meant to save you time in the long run, but honestly, I would rather just do my brows in 5 minutes every morning than have to se through this.

Once the brow gel has set, you’re supposed to peel it off in the direction that your hair grows so not to pull out any brow hairs. Honestly, I’m not sure how anyone manages to peel this off without pulling out brow hairs. It’s super sticky, and because it’s attached to hair it doesn’t really come off in one piece, so you have to keep peeling it off bit by bit. I’d say I lost a good 10 brow hairs in the process, which might not be a lot for me, but for someone with super sparse brows, it could be very annoying.

As for the results. I purchased the colour dark blonde, which I’d say sounds like it should be right. In Anastasia and IT brow products I usually get the colour Taupe, so I figured I would be safe… I was wrong.

IMG_0155_Facetune_18-02-2018-13-05-17The results. 

I have never seen a ‘blonde’ product look so red in my entire life. Once I started peeling off the gel I knew instantly that we had a problem. LUCKILY, this stuff is pretty easy to get off. I wiped away most of the tint with a makeup wipe, and cleaned anything remaining with a cleansing oil.

This had me wondering though, if this is meant to be long-lasting, presumably though washing, how was this SO easy to remove? I mean I wash my face with a cleansing oil every night, so does that mean I would have to apply this daily? Let’s just say I’m not willing to try that out. Sorry Almay, this is a fail for me. Better luck next time!

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