Review: Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter in Pearl

Meet the Butter Highlighter, the newest member of Physicians Fomula Butter-family!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while know, you already know how much I love Physicians Fomula Butter line. It all started with the legendary Butter Bronzer (I use the shade Bronzer), which has remained a staple in my every day makeup drawer. Then came the Butter Blush – my favourite colour is Plum Rose. And now, with new shades being added to the bronzer and blush ranges, comes the latest addition – the Butter Highlighter.

The Highlighter was released in five shades – Rose Gold, Pink, Champaign, Iridescent and Pearl, the latter of which is what I picked up. Unlike the bronzer and blush formulas, the Butter Highlighter is actually a cream-to-powder.


Pearl is a bright white highlighter, which I’m not typically drawn to, but the other shades just seemed too dark for my super fair skin. I personally like applying this product either with my fingers to my cheekbones, or packing it on to the eyelid with a brush. The formula is definitely long-wearing, especially on the eyes, and creates the most beautiful white gleam.


Wearing Mac Cork in the crease, Era on the lid, and Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter in Pearl in the centre and corner of the eye. 

Because this highlight is pretty striking, I don’t think I’ll be wearing it much on my cheeks (I’m pale, but not that pale), but I absolutely ADORE this on the lid. In fact, I’ve been playing with it to figure out if there’s a way to incorporate this in to my wedding makeup!

Like all of the other Butter products, I can’t recommend this enough. In fact, I’m hoping to get my hands on the Iridescent shade soon. Until then, this will have to do! A+ Physicians Formula!

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  1. I love it on the lid too! I bought it in champagne and I really love it. Definitely thought it was going to be too much when I was first looking at it but it applies beautifully, and I am actually wearing it today.

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