Glossier Toronto Pop-Up: Haul and Review

It wasn’t that long ago that I did my first Glossier haul and review – when the brand started shipping to Canada. But on Friday, Glossier opened their first ever Toronto pop-up shop on Queen St. West, so I immediately knew I had an excuse to test out more products.

First let’s talk about the shopping experience. The pop up shop opened at 1056 Queen St. W on Friday, September 8th, and will stay open until the 15th. Of course I went on opening day, which meant standing in line to get first dibs on products.

The brand went all out on making this usually vacant showroom in to a pink palace, painting everything from the walls outside to creating the perfect ambiance, with flowers and candles, inside. All in all the lineup wasn’t too bad – got in in about 5 minutes – and the set up to view products inside was easy to navigate.

The best part about the pop-up, of course, was getting to test out all the products in person. I made sure to swatch up a storm, from their famous Haloscopes to their Super Serums. And while each product had their own draw, there were two stand outs for me – the Priming Moisturizer Rich and the Birthday Balm Dotcom.

The Balm Dotcom is one of the brand’s most talked about products, so I knew I wanted to pick up one of those before I even entered the building. But it wasn’t until I saw their Birthday edition swatched that I knew for sure which one I was going to buy. The thing that I love most about the Birthday Balm is that it has a slight sparkle to it. Unlike the other Balms, which are still beautiful, this one has small flecks of glitter that just make your lips pop, while still being subtle. Not to mention the delicious cake-scent – this was the very first thing to get on my list.


The second thing I purchased was the brand’s Priming Moisturizer Rich, which is supposed to be a winter or night moisturizer, but honestly, with my dry skin, it could probably be used year-round. I tested out their original Priming Moisturizer, and while that also had a beautiful formula, it was a little too light for my skin type. I also love the scent of the Rich version – giving me spa vibes with every application. The texture of the moisturizer is unlike anything I’ve tried before – it’s incredibly moisturizing, while smoothing to the skin (they weren’t lying about the priming) – making it the perfect base for under makeup.

I’ve already tried Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser and Boy Brow, which have become fast favourites of mine, and I’m honestly so excited to try more from the brand – I haven’t been disappointed yet! That’s another A+ for you Glossier – keep up the good work!

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