Review: Nip + Fab Kale Fix

I’m not a huge drugstore skincare gal – not to say drugstore skincare isn’t good. In fact, I used to be devoted to a number of more affordable brands, but as I’ve evolved, so has my skincare routine, and I don’t get to experiment with other brands as often as I’d like.

All that said, I recently put a few items from Nip + Fab to the test, and I’ve actually be pleasantly surprised!

By no means is Nip + Fab a brand I hadn’t heard of before. I actually know a lot of people who swear by it, but it wasn’t something I had previously tried.

I tested out three items from the brand’s Kale Fix line – the Clay Mask, the Make Up Removing Pads and the Moisturizer (you can actually get all three items in a kit that they sell on their website).

The whole Kale Fix line is supposed to be gentle and nourishing, packed with kale and watercress, to soften and hydrate skin.

While they certainly are nourishing, they’re not the most hydrating products that I’ve used before. In fact that’s probably my biggest qualm – my skin is dry and sensitive, and needs products that provide solutions to those problems.

The good news is that none of these products irritated my skin. In fact, I really love the Make Up Removing Pads. I know, I know, you shouldn’t use cleansing wipes – and I usually don’t! But I went camping recently and brought them long to remove my makeup on the go, and have been using them nightly ever since. They’re a great pre-step to washing your face. It’s like using cotton pads that are pre-soaked in makeup remover. Genius!

As for the Moisturizer and Clay Masks, both are great! Just not hydrating enough for me. The Moisturizer is really thick, but soaks in to my skin so fast that sometimes I feel like I need to apply something else afterwards to feel hydrated.

And the Clay mask definitely gets out all of my impurities, but it also leaves my face feeling a bit too tight afterwards.

I’m actually really interested in trying out the brand’s Dragon’s Blood Fix line – which is supposed to provide ultimate hydration, and sooth sensitivity (sounds perfect for me, right?!). Have you tried any Nip + Fab products? Let me know what you loved in the comments below!

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