My Holt Renfrew x Juice Beauty Facial Experience


I recently had the wonderful opportunity to visit Holt Renfrew Bloor St. for a Juice Beauty facial – which, believe it or not, was my first ever!

A few months ago one of the Juice Beauty reps generously reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in experiencing the ultimate Juice Beauty treatment – and of course, I couldn’t resist.

Juice Beauty is an organic skincare and beauty range hailing from California. I had already tried a few products from the brand – my ride or die being the Green Apple Peel Sensitive.

My facialist for the day was Andrea from Asbolute Esthetics. She started out my appointment by telling me a little bit about the brand and doing a skin analysis on me, and I wasn’t surprised to find out that my skin was dry. We started out with using the Cleansing Milk on me to remove any product I had left on my skin, followed by the toner (always tone after every cleanse she told me).

Andrea explained to me the importance of exfoliating – even with my dry skin. She told me that by removing any debris and dead skin, about twice a week, that my skin will actually be able to absorb more moisture and stay hydrated. She told me there were a few ways to exfoliate, but what would be best for my skin was a mild peel – which, thankfully I already had been using at home!

She noticed my skin was sensitive-reactive – meaning my skin isn’t simply sensitive on its own, but rather when reacting to cleansing etc. To combat this sensitivity Andrea did something I had never considered before. She applied the Soothing Serum UNDERNEATH the Green Apple Peel Sensitive. I always thought that the peel should be applied to bare skin, but she told me by layering the serum underneath my skin I wouldn’t have such an extreme reaction. Brilliant!

After the peel, Andrea used a purifying Clay Mask on me, and gave me the most wonderful massage as it dried (she really went above and beyond). Once the mask was dry, she removed it with a warm cloth and reapplied the Soothing Serum, the Nutrient Moisturizer and Brightening Eye Treatment (surprise surprise – I have dark circles).

When all was said and done, my skin felt magnificent. I saw a little bit of redness from my sensitive-reactive skin, but over all it felt very smooth and plump. I ended up purchasing the Soothing Serum, which I’ve been loving both under my Peel and on its own, and was generously gifted samples of the Green Apple Body Moisturizer and Nightly Brightening Peel Pads (which I have yet to use, but I will definitely keep you posted).

The best thing about this whole experience is that if you buy two or more Juice Beauty products from Holt Renfrew, you can actually get a facial like this FOR FREE! My wonderful facialist Andrea also does facials (along with a range of other treatments you can check out on her website) in Thornhill, so if you like what you hear you can email to make an appointment with her!

Thanks again to Andrea, Holt Renfrew and Juice Beauty for the wonderful experience! I couldn’t recommend it more!


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