Review: Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow


One of my favourite local Toronto beauty boutiques, Jacob and Sebastian, recently had an epic sale, with an astounding 50% off Kjaer Weis products, so I thought, what better time to test out a brand I’ve heard so much about!

What prompted my purchase was actually a recent favourite video from one of my favourite Canadian YouTubers’ ttsandra – where she talks about the eyeshadow in the shade Transcend.

When I went in to Jacob and Sebastian I tested out a bunch of shades on my hand, and the colour Wisdom really spoke to me. Turns out it’s one of the brand’s best sellers, which doesn’t surprise me. The colour is described as a “mix of gray, brown and purple” and is meant to enhance any eye colour.

The taupe-y shade is fairly pigmented when you first apply it, but it kind of blends in to the skin as the day goes on. There’s not really any creasing that occurs, which surprised me considering almost every eyeshadow creases on me.

The eyeshadow itself is super natural looking – it really helps to deepen your eye without looking too smokey, and it has just the right amount of sheen to it without being shimmery or glittery. A nice bonus is that the line is actually certified organic and vegan.

If all this wasn’t reason enough to try out the brand, the packaging is just beyond beautiful. It’s heavy and silver and glides open with a very satisfying twist. Honestly, if you’re looking to try out something new, I would highly recommend this eyeshadow! I can’t wait to try out more from the line! A+ Kjaer Weis!



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