The Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic is Back in Canada


The famous Pixi Beauty range has finally made its way (back) to Canada, and you know I had to get my hands on the illustrious Glow Tonic to put it to the test!

There was a fleeting moment a few years ago when you could get your hands on Pixi Beauty from Target. But the departure of the superstore left Canadian skin in distress, nationwide. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed Pixi was being stocked at certain Shoppers Drug Marts – and the moment I saw it, I picked up a bottle of the Glow Tonic. 

People have claimed that this toner has transformed there skin. It contains Glycol Acid which is meant to gently exfoliate, along with Ginseng and Aloe Vera to energize and sooth. I think it’s this perfect combination that really sets this product apart from others like it. 

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you know what my recent discovery of chemical exfoliators has truly changed my skincare game. The same goes for this product. The Glycolic is just strong enough to help exfoliate a fine layer of skin, allowing for the toner’s hydrating properties, along with my moisturizer, to sink in. 

After using this product my face almost instantly looks brighter. I put a small amount on a cotton pad and swipe it around my face just after cleansing but before moisturizing. Although it’s a drugstore brand, this toner will cost you $20-30 depending on the size of the bottle. That being said, I’d say it’s giving my high end toners a run for their money. Will I be repurchasing? You bet! I also plan on trying out some other products from the line – let me know your recommendations!

A+ Pixi! A job well done!

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