Two New Lippie Faves


Despite the fact that lipsticks tend to make up the bulk of my makeup collection, I’m very picky about what I put on my pout. That said, there are two new additions to my collection that I just had to mention.

First, the Lancer Volume Enhancing Lip Serum. I don’t typically like volumizing lip glosses – I just can’t get down with that burning, tingling sensation. But this one is different. The Lancer Serum is super glossy and the tingling is minimal – in fact, it’s more of a minty freshness. I also LOVE the applicator on this gloss. It’s super smooth metal that cools your lips as it glides on the perfect amount of product. My only complaint is that I feel like my tube had a lot of air in it. Perhaps it was just the way it was packaged, but it makes it a real pain to squeeze out the product.

The other new addition is the Surratt Lipslique in Chuchoter. Now, first thing you have to know is that I love me a high-shine lipstick. That’s my preferred texture, especially when it comes to nudes. The Surratt Lipslique formula is amazing, “slick” is the perfect way to describe it, but it’s also super nourishing. I wasn’t sure about the colour at first, every time I went to try it out, there were no testers available to swatch. So I bought it on a whim, and I couldn’t be happier! This is truly my lips but better. My perfect nude.

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