Bunz Trading Zone: Makeup Edition


If you live in Toronto, then no doubt you’re familiar with Bunz Trading Zone. But for those not in the know, Bunz is a cashless community where people can trade their unwanted clothes, houseplants and yes, even makeup.

I’ve been frequenting Bunz for quite some time now, mostly trading old vintage clothing that I no longer wear for tokens and the occasional tall can. But there’s an entire segment of the Bunz community trading makeup and skincare, that has really been flourishing.

For the most part, the beauty trades you see going on are limited to Sephora point perks, or used and unwanted lipstick and eyeshadow. Great for beauty lovers on a budget, or casual makeup wearers. But once in a while you stumble upon a true treasure that makes the endless hours of sifting through posts of peoples old, out-of-fashion, blouses, worth while.

This week I made my first Bunz makeup trade, for a brand new, never been swatched, Diorskin Nude Tan The Dye Edition Blush Harmony in oo2 Coral Sunset. I traded the blush for a bottle of red wine (that I wasn’t going to drink anyway) and two tokens; a steal if I may say so myself.

This isn’t a typical blush colour I would usually go for. In fact, the reason why I made the trade was because it just seemed too good to pass up. The limited edition packaging is beyond beautiful, and it even comes with a mini kabuki brush. Would I have purchased this blush when it was available for full price ($57)? No. Am I happy that it found my way into my collection? No doubt.

All in all, I think if you have the patience and time to keep up with the community, trades like this one make it all really worth it. That said, these trade are true diamonds in the rough, so if you have your eye on a new palette, or a limited edition blush, I recommend going out a buying it before it’s too late!

Download the Bunz App and use the code 777777 to start trading now!

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