Haul and Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills


If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook then you might have already seen my newest shadow purchases from Anastasia Beverly Hills (which Sephora recently started stocking!). But if you thought my Anastasia haul was limited to shadows, then you couldn’t be more wrong…

Let’s start with what you’ve already seen – my custom made Anastasia shadow quad. I opted for mostly neutrals, including two transition shades (Dusty Rose and Birkin) and one lighter shade (Nude). Because I had already chosen matte and velvet textures I also decided to try out one metallic colour (Victorian). I like these kind of subtle shimmers for an all over the lid, one-wash-wonder. Swatches below.


Overall, these shadows are pretty good.  I especially like Dusty Rose and Birkin. I wish there was a little more pigmentation when it comes to Nude and Victorian, but they’re both still very workable. My only other real criticism for these shadows is the longevity of them. Even with an eyeshadow primer, they don’t actually last me an entire day, which is super disappointing especially given all the hype about them.

Shadows weren’t the only thing I purchased in my recent haul. I also picked up the Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood – a true cult classic. I have to say, this isn’t my typical lipstick choice. I usually prefer something more balmy or creamy, and more of a cool-toned pink. But I’ve actually received a lot of compliments while wearing this lipstick, so Anastasia is definitely doing something right here. It’s also got me thinking more and more about trying different liquid lipsticks – maybe I should haul a few and do a comparison?

Finally, and probably my favourite purchase in this haul, Anastasia’s #23 Brush. Sephora describes the brush as “a large, round diffuser brush with super-soft, tapered natural bristles for easy application of highlighter formulas.” This is hands down, my favourite highlighter brush of all time. Because if its size it works perfectly to apply just the right amount of highlight to the cheekbones and bridge of my nose. It’s kind of shaped like a smaller, denser fan-brush, which you already know I love when it comes to applying highlight.

Overall I would rate my recent Anastasia purchases an A-. I’ll definitely be exploring more of this line down the road!

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